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WesternScholars | How it Works

How It Works

WesternScholars is a multilingual online encyclopedia created and maintained as an open collaboration project by a community of volunteer editors using a wiki-based editing system. It is the largest and most popular general reference work in Nigeria.

WesternScholars is also a platform that publishes a review of recently released music, movies, and books. This platform pays you for posting a review about a movie, music, or book.

For example, if David release a song today, you can come to WesternScholars and write something on how you feel about the song

WesternScholars is a consolidated association, an enrolled internet business site with REG. number 2678077 Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 100% genuine.

How to Acquire Earnings on WesternScholars

As a Publisher, you have 4 decisions to earn more money reliably on WesternScholars.

1. Posting A Review Of Music/Movie or Books: You gain ₦100 for posting relevant, intriguing and well structured review, reviews that are copied word for word are rejected automatically.

2. Reward Per view: We pay you ₦1 per view your review has and also give you extra bonus of ₦500 when your review hit 1000 views.

We always advise you share the review you posted on all social media platforms after posting. This will make you gain thousands of views within a day.

This is where people make money alot (Reward Per view)

3. As a member, you get N700 for each referral. When you convince your friend to join WesternScholars, you get N700 Naira after signup activation.

As a Publisher, we share commercial wage with you in view of the salary we get monthly.

Step by step instructions to Join WesternScholars ? To join WesternScholars is as basic as ABC. It is as simple as you do join other online platforms just by putting your profile details on registration form, with a 3 months interval recurring charge of ₦2,000 as your commitment registration Expense to turn you into a money related publisher.

Note: The ₦2,000 payment is recurring and you will have to pay another ₦2,000 after recieving payment on the platform for 3 months.

We do all in all estimation month to month and offer among all qualified unique publishers while we administer payment on every last friday of the month. So once you register and activate your account by getting WesternScholars, you ought to modify your profile and alter your bank details of interest while you start partaking in WesternScholars activities. More or less, You could be making more than ₦40,000 Naira monthly when you are dead serious about taking part in WesternScholars exercises.

Posting Review, referral earnings, Sharing Your review could win you ₦40,000 Naira or more every month consistently.

By what means Will I Get Paid To My Bank account And What Is The Minimum Payout? Minimum payout is N6,000 naira as it were. Most occasions, affiliate workers are paid every week, we urge you to allude to build your spotlight. Withdrawal outline is opened from 12:00am on Friday to 10:00pm on the same Friday.


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